April 2008

Thank You!

Credit should be given where credit is due, and the credit should mean something. If you simply send a mail with “Thanks a lot”, they won’t feel very special. Rubinius has a great one-patch-equal-commit-rights-policy and even if new contributors have commit rights, most of them will be very careful to what they commit. It’s more like a way of giving credit to users and make them feel valuable.

Here’s my way to give proper credit: Public credit. I’m not talking of a little Twitter-status with the nickname of the contributor; I’ll use a whole page of my main site!

Tom Lieber

Tom Lieber is the only person who have actually followed my English critique invite (that was his own words too), and I’m extremely thankful. I didn’t expect anyone to actually send me feedback, but it looks like Tom has the right contribution-spirit. Thank you!

Chris Wanstrath

Chris Wanstrath contributed with a tiny patch to Gemify. It’s not much, but I guess it could save me from a debug-headache later and it’s always great to see that some are actually forking your repo. Thank you!

Ben Wyrosdick

Ben Wyrosdick added another tiny patch in order to add support for documentation. It was a great little hack which caused me to rewrite some parts to add support for boolean values too. Thank you!

David A. Cuadrado

David A. Cuadrado has committed three great patches, and is responsible for:

Both are two great features which will be added with next release. Thank you!

Thank YOU!

Now I would like to thank you for spending some minutes of your time to read my blog. It’s hard to enter a blogosphere (especially when planetrubyonrails.com won’t accept me) and every page visit makes me happy. Thanks a lot!