March 2008


It was first introduced by Why The Lucky Stiff in 2005 with this wonderful haiku:

      "eyes".scan /the_darkness/
catch( :in_the_wind ) { ?a.round; "breath" \
        or "a".slice /of_moon/ }      

greasygreasy followed with this:

def you are

enjoy life while you /can/  

M didn’t want miss the party:

class Starts < AndThenWe
  raise "questions" and require "thought"
end if "we".rjust

U Nakamura came up with a genius one:

$ruby.is_a?(Object){|oriented| language}

Evan Weaver sort of created one:

for desires in heaven do not always end or fade

I can’t get it better than this (for the time being):

def initely(awesome, haiku)
 "should".match /your style/ and [:in, :the]
end rescue 007  

Can you do it better? Please respond in the reddit submission, I’ll make a follow-up with the best ones.