March 2008

Gemify Just Got Useful Again

Over a month ago I released Gemify. Back then it wasn’t really useful. It would only include files in the bin and lib-directories and dependencies didn’t actually work. Now I’m releasing 0.2.3 and it’s a little more useful.

It still doesn’t require any other library and won’t “invade” your directory with needless files.

Dependencies should just work™ and if you have other files you want to be included in the gem, simply create a file called Manifest.txt1 with those filenames separated by newline.

On the other side, you can’t give it multiple authors or make it depend on a specific version of a gem. If you manage to work it out in a pretty way, please make a fork at Gitorious and send me a merge request (yes, I’ll also accept GitHub or zip/patch)


I’m also giving you a very simple sake-task:

namespace :gemify do
  task :load do
    require 'rubygems'
    require 'gemify'

  desc "Builds a gem"
  task :build => :load do rescue Gemify::Exit

Install it with sake -i

Install it

As always can you install the update with RubyGems: sudo gem install gemify or sudo gem update.

In other news

I’ve also started with Twitter. Follow me if you want.

That was all for now…