April 2008

Gemify 0.2.4 and the future

Thanks to great work by David A. Cuadrado, I think it’s about a new release of Gemify: 0.2.4. And it’s going to have lots of new features:

* --help: Shows a nice help-message * --no-interactive: Automatically build the gem * --from-vcs: Uses files from the VCS

I just need to speak with David to see if he got more awesome ideas to add, before I’ll pack it up and release it.

A little warning

When I first created Gemify it was a small, hackish CLI for building gems. I was completely fine with no specs; it really didn’t needed it. I knew what every line did and it wasn’t so many lines neither. But as more features have been added (thanks to David), it’s ended up as a mess. Lots of mess. Almost everything live in a single class and the difference between the CLI and the base is unclear.

The future

In 0.3 I will split things up:

Another cool feature is that it will default to using the files you have in your VCS (the manifest-file goes above that, of course) and if you need more control you should generate/create a manifest-file.

In other news

The awesome guys of RailsEnvy did also include a short “advertise” for Gemify in their newest podcast. Thanks a lot, and I’ll forgive you for not pronouncing my name correctly (I didn’t expect it).