February 2009


Every once in a while we need change. Not only when it comes to presidents and the placement of the telly, but also this specific blog. You see, I’m proud of this blog. I got subscribers and, once in a while, I get some decent traffic too.

I’m also very satisfied with both the design and the concept. You start at the top and read until you reach the bottom. No sidebar. No distractions. The content is king. Black, white and red makes it clean; large fonts and line height makes it readable; narrow width makes the paragraphs look longer.

Still, it’s not perfect. The contrast in the header makes it stand out, almost drowning out the title of the post. The timestamps look like they were just throw on later (they were) and it’s pretty cramped in the “Wall of fame” at the bottom. And I haven’t styled <h4> at all.

Welcome to the new version of judofyr.net! If you’re reading this from your feed reader, please come over and have a look. It’s a lot more cleaner: the title is definitly in focus, the timestamps blend nicely into the rest of the site and it’s a little more colorful with some blue and green.

It’s still not perfect. I’m not totally satisfied with the styling of the sub-headlines and the “Wall of fame” has maybe too low contrast. But hey, I’m a programmer – I’m not supposed to design sites.

So, readers, what do you think of this change? After all, this blog is worthless without you. Better? Worse?