February 2008


You have reached a blog written by Magnus Holm. I’m a hobbyist programmer from Norway, who loves to hack away with Ruby. In other places I’m often known as Judofyr and you are always welcome to contact me at judofyr@gmail.com.

This blog will be filled with all kind of thoughts. Don’t think of it as a Ruby blog, there are way too many of those on the net. Some day my interest in Ruby will fade, and I don’t want to close this blog.

All of my projects released to the public will be available at The Dōjō. Hopefully you will find some neat things there. Over at GitHub you can find the sources of the projects and some of my not-so-seriously code.

Since I don’t have English as mother language, there will be many spelling errors on this blog and if you find some of them: Please let me know, I will never improve unless someone tells me what’s wrong!